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borro offers quick, short term loans from 500 to 1,000,000 against valuables including Jewellery, Luxury Watches, Fine Art, Antiques, Luxury Cars, Yachts and other high value assets.

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There are different ways to get your valuables to us in the securest way possible and dependent on the value of your items you can send us your items via an approved same day courier service, make an appointment in our London valuation office or have a home visit by our specialist valuation team.


Clean Slate Mortgages provides mortgage advice, information and quotes for people with credit problems via a network of qualified mortgage brokers throughout the UK CLICK HERE

We can help people with credit problems (such as CCJs, late payments, mortgage arrears, etc) as well as people who are self-employed and therefore are unable to prove their income.

It is estimated that mortgage arrears, bad debts, credit problems, and CCJs will mean that one in four people will find it difficult to obtain a mortgage or remortgage from a traditional high-street lender. Clean Slate Mortgages aims to help these people find a suitable mortgage or remortgage by putting them in touch with one of our specialist mortgage consultants who have access to a range of mortgage products designed for people with credit problems.

Are you

* over 18
* employed
* can provide a valid telephone number and are contactable
* has credit problems or is self-employed
* is an existing homeowner (we cannot accept first-time buyers)
* is a UK resident


In these difficult times many people are finding it harder and harder to pay their bills, here's some advice for anyome facing problems financially.

1. Rent, Mortgage, Utility and Council tax should be paid first.
2. If you can't pay always tell them.
Tell them sooner rather than later
3. If you have credit cards try and get them to freeze the interest and organise a payment plan.
4. Sell non essential items on ebay to raise cash
5. Go through all your finances and work out where you can make phone etc.

If the Baliffs do pay you visit

1. You have the right to refuse entry, allow them into you home once will mean that they can legally brake into your house the next time.

2. They may try and force there way in if you open the door to them, if this happens you have the right to stand your ground and use equal force to remove them....if this happens call the police and file breach of the peace.

3. Don't leave windows or doors open, they have the right to gain access through an open door or window.

4. If you own a car then they can clamp this and mark it for payment of debt.

5. Keep calm and make it clear that they will not get any money as you don't have any....Balliffs have to report back to a court if they feel that the claimant is unable to pay.

I have bad credit - can I still get a loan?
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